It’s Your Journey


Saturday – September 21, 2019


I’ve been thinking I need to sit down and tell you what my training has been like over the last month because I think it

The Road Before US

This morning was glorious! I went on a little run with my friend Amity up Mt. Pisgah. The Craguns, founders of the Pacific Northwest Marathon,


I am just excited, that is all I can think about. This last weekend was a great energizer for me. My friend and I did

A lot of Elbow Grease

I recently found a friend to train with. One of the ladies that runs on Saturday, who I happen to know outside of our training

Get Together and Run!

This last Saturday Jenni and David Cragun held their first marathon training at the Sheldon High School track.  I awaited Saturday morning with such great

The Wind at My Back

Two weeks ago I had an amazing run!  It was Wednesday morning, right before Thanksgiving,  and it was dark and cold.  I knew we were


I just experienced a set back while writing my blog.  My cute little two year old, who has been sick and miserable for the last

My Running Buddy

This week started off a little shaky. Last week I went hunting with my family. I took all of my running stuff with every intention

Food for Thought

I just got back from my first run this week. It was grueling!!! I took my little two year old, who behaved like a little


You're all set

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