The Wind at My Back

Two weeks ago I had an amazing run!  It was Wednesday morning, right before Thanksgiving,  and it was dark and cold.  I knew we were going to be driving for 9 hours that day so I was determined to get my run in.  I got out the door and was immediately met by nasty cold so I started running really fast-well, fairly fast, and I thought “I am going to burn out quickly if I keep this up, but if I don’t move fast I am going to lose body parts to frost bite.”  So I continued…(now a little disclaimer here, it probably wasn’t below freezing, but I love tropical weather so it felt  like frozen death to me.)
When it is early and dark I do the same safe run-well lit main street down to the local grocery store and back, so there are only two directions, there and back.  All the way down the road I felt like I was floating along.  It felt easy and great.  Then I turned around to come back home and it hit me-a wall of wind-a brick wall of cold intense wind that was trying to push me back.  I laughed at myself for having thought I was super woman all the way down to the stop light.  The wind had been helping me along and I didn’t realize it until it was no longer at my back.  Now I had to struggle and fight my way back.  It was hard at first, then I found my rhythm again and my breathing went back to normal and the wind no longer bothered me but actually felt good as it blew against my sweaty face and arms and filled my lungs.
I thought about the wind and life.  We often go floating along and things are good, great even, and we forget the wind that is carrying us along.  It isn’t until tragedy or challenges come up that we remember or even recognize that we are being carried and lifted up.  Sometimes it is necessary for our growth, our understanding, to face the wind and run against it. Sometimes hitting that wind benefits us in ways we hadn’t thought of before.
So these were my thoughts on life and then…..last week my entire family got sick-some awful flu on steroids.  And I kept hearing my own voice telling me about the wind and how it would make me stronger, make me grateful and even work for my good.  We were all making good use of ALL the bowls in our house (I think you understand my reference) and we were sore and tired and week so I focused on what I could do.  Thankfully I was able to care for my family even when really sick, we had all we needed to care for the comfort and well being of our kids, and we are all on the mend.
This experience has re-taught me some important things.  First is compassion towards others who are sick-to be patient and kind because it hurts and is crummy.  Second I was reminded that I can do difficult things because God will help me when I ask.  Third I was reminded how grateful I am for each family member and just how much they are a part of my joy.  Last of all I realized how much I enjoy and need my runs (not the flu kind-sorry bad humor) for sanity-I enjoy being healthy and strong!!! I love the little parables life teaches me.


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