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Marathon Course

Saturday – September 21, 2019

One of the Fastest, Flattest Marathons in Oregon

Run downriver along the Willamette River from the beautiful, quaint town of Coburg, Oregon to Harrisburg, Oregon.  These towns are preparing to host you and make your race the experience of a lifetime.  Both the full marathon and the half marathon are flat, fast, and gradually downhill to give you a little boost.  Along the way, you get to explore the scenic farmlands of the southern Willamette Valley. If you want to run a fast marathon in Oregon, register with us.

Note: these interactive maps work best on your desktop. Use the satelite view and zoom in on the maps below to see details. Aid stations, parking, food, and bathrooms will be added as we develop the maps further. The elevation profile shows that the marathon starts at 400 feet above sea level and drops to about 315 feet. The half marathon course will start at about 380 feet above sea level and drop to the same location at 315 feet.

Pacific Northwest Full Marathon in Oregon

Pacific Northwest Half Marathon in Oregon

Pacific Northwest 5k

Beautiful Marathon in Oregon, Willamette Valley

When you run a marathon in Oregon, part of what you come for is the beauty of the Willamette Valley. Tree lined main streets, open farm land, views of fir covered hills, cool weather, and the Willamette River all make this course relaxing and peaceful. That’s part of why the Pacific Northwest Marathon in Oregon is an international destination.

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