It’s Your Journey

Race Day Maps

Saturday – September 21, 2019


Shuttles will run every few minutes from Harrisburg Middle School at the bus turn around on Smith between 7th and 6th. Shuttles will also run from the parking lot of the Hilton Garden Inn, Springfield. This is true for the Expo, half marathon, and full marathon starts. The full marathon shuttles will start 1.5 hours before the race, at 5:00am. The half marathon shuttles will start 1 hour and 40 minutes before the race, at 6:20. Please arrive early and don’t all try to get in the last shuttle! It’s not our first choice to fit 400 people into one van (although it could be fun). In order to arrive at the start in time, the final shuttle will leave about 20 minutes before the race start. If you get there later than that, you will probably miss it. If you are staying at the Life Northwest Hotel in Harrisburg, you can catch the auxiliary shuttle to the middle school, or you can walk a mile. Now, we don’t want anybody to have to walk who doesn’t feel like it. After all, you’re about to run a whole lot! But some of you might like to walk, so don’t feel like you have to take the shuttle either. The shuttle will come to the Life Northwest Hotel about 5:00am for the full marathon and about 6:20am for the half. If we don’t get everybody the first time, we will do a second run. If you have not signed up for the shuttles you want to take to the Expo, full, or half marathon start line, please do that on the website shuttles page. If you need to change your entry, just fill out another form. Your new form will replace your old form. Shuttle drivers will not be checking to see who is getting on the shuttles, but this sign up process will help us ensure we have enough shuttles running from the right places. Spectators are not to ride the shuttles until all race participants have made it safely to the start line on time.


Bag Check

Don’t leave your stuff on the shuttles. We like finding treasures at the end of the race, but we feel bad when we don’t know who they belong to. There will be a “bag check” truck at the start lines so you can wear your warm clothing all the way until the race start. Please bring a lot of extra clothing and blankets to stay warm: that will be more important than you think. The temperature might be below 50 Farenheit. We recommend you do not put anything valuable in the bag truck. You should put it all in one bag with your full name. Let’s say this again: Please do not put anything valuable in the bag check truck. Label everything you put on the truck.



We don’t have enough staff to monitor all the parking areas, so please work together like the nice runners you are. 1. Don’t park on the streets or at businesses in Coburg, look at the parking map and you will see several hundred spots available at Carryon Trailer. It’s not far from the Expo and full marathon start line. 2. Don’t park at businesses that are open in Eugene, Coburg, or Harrisburg. We have some designated parking areas in all three shuttle locations. Just spend a little time looking over the maps. 3. Make as much room as possible for those who come after you by forming straight rows. In some cases, there is room for more than one row front to front or back to back. Make sure there is a driving aisle behind both rows. 4. It’s best if you fill in the spaces in each row consecutively instead of trying to estimate how much space to leave for the person in between. Hey, you don’t know if the next guy will be driving a Hummer or a Smart car. 5. Do not double park (trap somebody’s car in), because we don’t know who will get back first, you or the other person. You might be a 2:50 marathon runner, but they might be a 1:10 half marathon runner. Or worse, it could be your mother in law carpooling with a friend, and then you would really be in trouble! 6. If the lots in Harrisburg fill up, find a legal place on a street that is not part of the marathon or 5K route. You can see those routes on the website. Here are the streets to avoid if you can: Lasalle, 9th, Smith, 6th, 7th, Sommerville Loop. 7. There is no parking or drop off available at the half marathon start on Wilkins Rd. 8. Smile as much as possible. It will make your day so much better even if you don’t win the race, which you might!