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Boston Qualifier Marathon

Ideal Climate, Elevation, and Weather

Fall in the Willamette Valley offers ideal climate for running a Boston Qualifier. It’s cool in the morning, slim chance of rain, and lower pollen count than Spring. As you train through the Summer, your body will acclimate to the warmer temperatures. In September, when the temperature has cooled, you can come run your Boston Qualifier or your personal best. Of course, being at only 400 feet above sea level helps, too.

USATF Certified Course

Measured according to the highest industry standards. Laid out and marked by trained professionals. You can run your race feeling confident we have done our part to keep you on course and running the correct distance. Your time will count!


Race Starting Time Starting Location Finish Location
Marathon 7:00 am Harrisburg Middle School
Harrisburg Middle School
Half Marathon 8:00 am Harrisburg Middle School
Harrisburg Middle School
10K Run 9:00 am Harrisburg Middle School Harrisburg Middle School
5K Run 9:00 am Harrisburg Middle School Harrisburg Middle School
* Additional processing charge added at check out.

Flat, Simple Course

In a long race, too much up will slow you down, too much down can tire out your quads, and too many turns will confuse your brain. Fortunately, we have one of the flattest courses in the Pacific Northwest, and it’s also simple. It starts at about 400 feet and drops gradually to 325. There are few turns, and each turn is marked with arrows, chalk, and friendly volunteers. On our course, your body and brain will focus on moving forward instead of up, down, or trying to get back on course!

Last Chance to qualify for Boston!

Each year, the Boston Marathon opens registration at the beginning of September. Our race date happens just before they typically fill up and close the window. If you did not get your Boston Qualifier earlier in the year, now is your last chance. Roughly 20% of our participants qualify for the Boston Marathon at our race. In addition, most of our participants are working toward a personal goal or a first time marathon, half, or 5K. It’s an inspiring atmosphere!


Friday (day before race):
5:00pm – 7:00pm at Harrisburg Middle School (bus turn-around)
  • Bib with chip for timing your race
  • Course Map with aid stations detail
  • Parking Instructions for the race
  • Coupons and Gifts from our sponsors
  • Race Shirt

Race-day packet pickup will be limited.


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