The Road Before US

This morning was glorious! I went on a little run with my friend Amity up Mt. Pisgah. The Craguns, founders of the Pacific Northwest Marathon, were also there with their four adorable children. There is something so invigorating and peaceful about starting your day early and with a communion with nature. Fog hugged the hills, the air was fresh and cold, and the sounds of nature (and our labored breathing) was all that broke the still beauty of the trail. Amity and I struggled to run up that hill. It was hard, we had to stop and walk a couple of times to avoid DEATH…….maybe I am exaggerating a little…but we kept at it and made it up to the top in decent time. I had to keep reminding myself that we did our long run yesterday so today was just frosting. It was just fun!
I have four fantastic kids. I love them! They are energetic, intelligent, creative and they laugh at my jokes. How could a mom want anything more? Every once in a while, though, I feel bogged down, overwhelmed and outnumbered and my running has become this sweet moment of personal inner peace. I often feel like I could just lift off of the ground and fly through the air. I am so filled with euphoria as I run. I don’t know how else to describe how delicious it is to me. This morning was such a moment for me. As I continued on with the rest of my day I kept thinking about how energized my soul feels-that may sound a little silly, but its true. I feel energized down to the core.
I am filled with gratitude. I am grateful to the Craguns for reaching out to me and including me in their journey and vision for health, fitness and running. I am grateful to my friend Amity who is like a mentor to me. She is so talented and strong and has experience and knowledge about training that she selflessly shares with me. I am so grateful to my husband who has so wholeheartedly supported my crazy running and given me encouragement while carrying an extra load so that I can do the things I need to train for the marathon.
Training has required commitment, effort and the planning and labors of several individuals. We never have a road that we truly travel alone. What a wonderful life.. It is good to remember the things we are grateful for, the people who have given to us so that when we feel tempted to give up, feel discouraged, or even complain we remember all the efforts and love from all of the people who care about us and for whom we care.


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