I am just excited, that is all I can think about. This last weekend was a great energizer for me. My friend and I did our long run (15 miles!!!) and our church had something called “general conference” during which time our whole world-wide congregation receives spiritual instruction and it is just a great boost to me-it helps me re-evaluate and focus and feel closer to my Creator. So it is on this wave of enthusiasm and energy that I am writing.
This last summer I started running. I knew it was something I wanted and needed to do. So I did it. I decided to be a little ambitious and make a goal- a half-marathon. I just wanted something to work towards-something that would measure my progress and provide a commitment I needed to keep. I have decided that I am going to do the marathon instead. I never realized that I could be here, at this point, if I just kept running. I am talking about what is going on inside of me. I feel that strong fire burning inside of me, again. It has been a long time. I have had a small flame that never dies-I guess it’s my hope flame, but I haven’t had roaring fire in so long, but now, when I look in the mirror I see a steady gaze, happy eyes and the tilt of my chin says “no monkey business” (but in a happy way). I can’t say enough about the potential of the human spirit.
I think we each need to see who we are inside. We get covered by a layer of imperfection and wrapped in disappointing experiences and pretty soon we’ve cocooned ourselves into an unrecognizable mass of less than what we are. We allow ourselves to expect less of ourselves, we see only what we’ve covered ourselves in and it drags us down, BUT if you go and look in the mirror and look into your eyes (I mean really search) you will see that spark, that twinkle-your light, begging to be let out. Oh I wish I could run around and grab people by the shoulders and tell them “you are amazing!!” and have them believe me (instead of thinking I’m a nut). I’ve decided there is no time to waste on second guessing yourself, on “tomorrows”, do what you can today because you CAN.
I was recently speaking to a dear sweet friend and we were talking about looking for local causes to help with. We want to do something positive, we can and so we will. I see the news and I want to go rescue refugees and abused children and I get so overwhelmed and frustrated at my limited reach and abilities and I will let it discourage me-I can’t do that anymore. So I will bite off what I can chew and do that. Find you 1 mile, your 5 mile, your around the block chunk of good you can do and do it. It doesn’t have to be a marathon of good works. No one starts with a marathon-every race is run one step at a time, training, planning, little steps, consistent efforts. I really believe average people doing small acts of goodness, consistently, is the key to the change we all want in this world.
So go run hard, do good and BE HAPPY!


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