I just experienced a set back while writing my blog.  My cute little two year old, who has been sick and miserable for the last two days, turned off the power to my computer and erased the blog I was just finishing.  Oh I love my little boo bear and I am really trying to remain calm right now.  Maybe my blog needed to be done over again.
I have been running in inclement weather (well, inclement to me) and have had positive results.  And by positive results I mean that I completed my runs and didn’t die halfway through.  Tuesday’s run was in the rain-wahoo pacific northwest rain!!! Today’s run was in the wee hours of a freezing morning.  I stretched a bunch before leaving the house and ran up and down our stairs for good measure (and to wake my 12 year old son who seems to take forever to get ready for school).  It was a hard run this morning.  I felt like my legs were lead weights and I had a hard time getting my breathing into rhythm-but I must have done alright because my time was right on target.  My 10 year old son kept track, “Thank you Hyhy!”
On  a different note…we’ve had a heartbreaking week in our community.  I have watched as people all around have pulled together, reached out in love and service and created a support system for the grieving family.  Human kind never ceases to amaze me.  We are capable of so much!
Though the pain and sadness have really taken its toll on all of us, the situation has also inspired and driven to greater strength, selfless acts of service and renewed hope and faith in a better world to come.  Suddenly all the trivial things in life are really insignificant and any struggles or problems I may have felt I have melted away to nothing.
Enjoy the important people in your life and don’t waste any energy on things that don’t nourish you or others. Tickle your kids, sing out loud, be kind and smile.


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