Week 16 Feeling Strong

Step back this week in preparation for your longest training run next week: 23 miles. Right now, you might feel stronger and healthier than ever before in your life. Congratulations on making it this far! Now you need to review your training journal, reassess your nutrition plan, get enough rest, stretch and/or do Yoga to …

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Week 14 Avoid Over or Under-Training

One way to know if you are training enough is to follow a training plan. It is not complicated, but you have to be consistent in your running and cross training. Watch out for training too much or not resting enough as well.

Week 13 Stretch More, Longer

As you work out, your muscle fibers break down and rebuild. Most of the time, this process shortens your muscles, making them feel tighter. You might notice your joints getting stiff. To help alleviate this problem, stretch out your muscles sufficiently after you run.

Week 12 Jump in the Pool

You know you must drink a lot of water to keep your blood flowing, cool your working muscles, and facilitate digestion and every other bodily function. You can also use water in another way. As you have learned already, it is important to strengthen your core muscles. What you might not know is that the …

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Week 11 Stay Hydrated

After running almost 13 miles in the sun with no water, you have stopped sweating, you are terribly hot, your head aches, your muscles are cramped, and you are not thinking clearly. You finally find some water and think you are saved. Three minutes later, you have drunk a whole 8 oz bottle…

Week 9 Develop an Efficient Stride

After running consistently for two months now, you should start thinking more about your stride. Developing a more efficient stride will help you run farther and faster with less effort. There will be variations in ideal stride for each person, but here are some basic principles you can use no matter who you are.