2021 Pacific Northwest Marathon is Still On (with Modifications)

After reading feedback from over 150 participants, we have come to a decision.
The majority of you feel strongly that you would like to run an in-person event, at the same location, on the same date, whatever changes have to be made. While the double out and back course is not ideal for most, some of you mentioned having done such a course at another race, and it was fun in its own way. This option allows us to stay in the two jurisdictions that are most open and have lower virus counts. It also allows our team the time to re-measure and certify the course.
We have spoken with the City of Harrisburg, Linn County, the USATF course certifier for Oregon, Brad Bauer who is timing the race, and Harrisburg School District. All of them have shown support of what we are doing. The City of Harrisburg has one more step to complete in gaining approval for the plan, and that will be done by Tuesday.
As several of you are running the race for your 50 states goal, Marathon Maniacs, Boston Marathon qualification, NY Marathon qualification, and other official goals, we will make sure to complete the course certification in time. Our director has personally measured several courses, and he knows how to get this done.
Some of you did not agree that the race should continue, given the risks associated with the virus and the changes to the course. Some of you have personal health concerns. Others feel the course will not offer the same enjoyment or opportunities to excel. We understand your concerns and are offering deferrals and refunds to those who choose not to participate this year. We understand that everybody has to do what is best for themselves and their family. Please be patient as we do our best to keep track of all your requests. This is not standard procedure for us.
In order to minimize congestion on race day, we will cap registration much lower than expected. Total numbers in the full marathon will not exceed 120, and total numbers in the half will not exceed 130. We are still debating whether or not we can do the 5K with the amount of increased congestion for the short period of time. If you have not yet had a chance to register for half or full marathon, please do so right away, or you might miss your chance.
Information and Details:
Location is the same, Harrisburg Middle School at 201 S 6th St, Harrisburg, OR 97446. Please note, the middle school is at the corner of Smith and 6th Street, but the race start is off of Smith. Where Smith Street intersects 7th Street, there is a school bus driveway on the south side of Smith. That’s the spot.
Race start times and time limits will be the same. Full marathon starts at 7:00am and there is a 7 hour time limit. Half marathon starts at 8:00am and there is a 6 hour time limit. The starts will be staggered, but not tremendously. We will take the counsel of our race timer and make decisions on how much to stagger. We especially want to spread out the half marathon runners in the first 2 miles so the full marathon leaders don’t have to run through a tight crowd.
Shuttles will not be necessary as we start and finish at the same location. There is parking in Harrisburg near the start/finish. If you arrive at least 40 minutes prior to your start time, you will be able to find parking in various school lots or on the public streets. Try to avoid parking in zones marked for the race course. The course will be marked out at least a day before with arrow signs, traffic signs, and other markings.
Packet pick up will be at the start/finish area Thursday, 5:00pm to 7:00pm and Friday, 5:00pm to 8:00pm. In order to discourage big congregations of people before the event, we will not be doing an expo. Sometime Thursday 5pm to 7pm, or Friday 5pm to 8pm, you will come to the start/finish area, where tables will be set up with bibs organized and laid out by number. Your bib number will be linked to your last and first name. Just go to the line showing your number range, and we will give you your bib with safety pins. Shirts will be organized by size, and you can pick up the shirt size you asked for in your registration.
We look forward to seeing most of you in September!


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