Brady’s Story: Decide Your Own Course

Brady CragunAs I was growing up I always loved sports.  The problem was, I was never in very good shape.  I was able to remain active yet never became a very good athlete.  I realized that my body was keeping me from doing things that I really wanted to do.  My heart was all there.  I would give my all, yet I was still incapable of physically being the athlete that I wanted to be.  It was not until later that I realized this could change.

After my wife and I had been married for a year, we decided to eat healthy and exercise consistently.  Neither one of us was in terrible shape, but that was not the point.  We wanted to FEEL like we were in control of our destiny when it came to health and fitness.  Guess what happened?  It came true.

For the last 3 years, we have tried to eat what we should and have exercised regularly.  It is as simple as that.  I have learned that if ANYONE eats healthy and exercises regularly, they will be in great shape.  For me, it was just a decision to be made.

I am ultimately grateful that I made that decision.  I am proud of myself.  I am confident.  And I am assured that it will remain with me forever.  I have no desire to go back.  If I could sum up the reason behind it all, it would be this…
My fitness is not everything, but it sets the model of who I am as a person.

My body does not hold me back.  Physically, I could do anything that I wanted to do.  It may take me a short amount of time for training, depending on the specific activity, but I know that I could do it.  If a friend wanted me to go rock climbing this weekend, I could.  If I felt a spark to do American Ninja Warrior, I could.  If my wife wanted me to run a marathon with her, I could.  If I wanted to play for a football team, I believe I could try out and would make it. And if my son wanted me to put him on my shoulders and run up the hill by our house, I could.

Everyday, when I work out, I accomplish challenges that are greater than the last.  I can jump higher.  I can run faster.  I can do more pullups than the day before.  It is so much more than working out.  It is me becoming better.  I face fears and overcome them.  I conquer obstacles that I did not know were possible for me, and I develop discipline.

There is something contagious about being fit.  All of a sudden a voice clicks on that says, “If I can jump over that box like I was not able to before, I can certainly go get that job that I was not able to before.  If I can swim farther than I ever have, then I’ll bet I could talk that beautiful girl into marrying me that I was too afraid to talk to before.”  Fears and excuses no longer decide your course…YOU DO!


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