It’s Your Journey

Pacific Northwest Marathon

September 21, 2024

- Since 2015 -

At the Pacific Northwest Marathon, anything is possible. We help people overcome the most difficult challenges in order to achieve their fitness goals.

Our Mission

The mission of the Pacific Northwest Marathon Series is to help people overcome challenges in order to achieve their fitness goals. There is a fitness crisis in our country. People are suffering more and more from chronic disease, poor nutrition, and inactivity. We invite you to join our supportive community, fight this downward cycle, work to live the life you have always wanted, and inspire others along the way. The Pacific Northwest Marathon will help you achieve new heights, overcome personal challenges, and be more healthy. This is your journey!

USATF Certified Boston Qualifer

Measured according to the highest industry standards. Laid out and marked by trained professionals. You can run your race feeling confident we have done our part to keep you on course and running the correct distance. Your time will count!

The Pacific Northwest Marathon is positioned just before the usual registration deadline for the Boston Marathon, making it possibly your last chance. Please see the BAA website for official registration dates for Boston.

Samuel Ongaki

If you did not get to meet Samuel Ongaki at our training group, you might have another opportunity. He plans to come back to the USA for the race on September 21st, 2019. If he can make his goal at our race, it will be a screaming fast marathon!

He has a lot on his plate, supporting his family in South Africa and his extended family in Kenya, running a small business, and working in his training schedule.

Samuel is one of the most determined people you will ever meet. Come cheer him on to his goal; he will most definitely do the same for you.

Never Give Up

“March 2016: (at) 245 lbs. I decided to make a life change to get well.  Sept 2016: I changed to an all vegan diet. April 2017: I ran my first 5K. December 2018: I ran my first half marathon. Today: I am running a 10K at 185 lbs. Goals: Run the Hood to Coast Relay. Run a marathon by age 40–I have 2 1/2 years to go! Get to 150 lbs–in it for the long haul! Running is my therapy toward a better me. Smile!”

Be the Best You

Stephanie transformed her life through running. Set aside your fear and unleash your potential. Take the first step by making a commitment to change.

Anything is Possible



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Come volunteer at the Pacific Northwest Marathon Series. Help cheer on hundreds of runners improving their life through running.

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