Qualify For Boston

Because our marathon course is flat and fast, people come from all over the world to run their Boston Marathon qualifying time here. In 2017, roughly 20% of our marathon finishers qualified. Will you be among them in 2018?

Set a Course Record

Chris Mah and Allison Eagen set new course records in 2016. If you break their record in 2017, we’ll pay you $200 cash.

Set a Course Record

Chris Mah and Allison Eagen set new course records in 2016. If you break their record in 2017, we’ll pay you $200 cash.

Walkers are Welcome

For some, the road to better fitness includes walking. Our walkers will be happy to have you join them for an early start at 6:00am.

Pacific Northwest Marathon

Saturday, Sept 15, 2018. Eugene, Oregon
The mission of the Pacific Northwest Marathon is to promote health and fitness through running. There is a fitness crisis in our country, and we care about changing that. Invite your friends to run with you and help us make a change.

USATF Certified Course

USATF-certified course certified for accuracy, allowing you to compare your time to other certified courses, and use your timing at our race to qualify for other races.

Last Chance for a Boston Qualifying Race

The Pacific Northwest Marathon is 4 days before the registration deadline for the Boston Marathon.  The Pacific Northwest Marathon is a flat, fast marathon. Perhaps you can set your personal record with us.

This was right up there with the best, especially for an inaugural race. Robert Toonkel

263 Marathons

The crowd at the finish line was tremendous. I have never heard more cheering at the finish of a race. It was a very uplifting feeling. Philip Krooswyk

I can’t tell you how much support and encouragement that… all of those associated with the Pacific Northwest Marathon has meant to me. Shawn Wells

1st Half Marathon

Fantasic, new course; execellent event tech shirt; the best volunteers; well stocked aid stations; and super nice finisher medal. Jessica Mumme

RunOregon Blogger

You did a fantastic job with this race, we had a blast!! The course was great, nice amount of shade and low traffic, tones of volunteers and clear directions… I can’t wait for next year. Kate Becker

Wonderful 1st marathon experience! Melissa Johnson

Blog: Five Women Going the Distance

Lizzy Hall

My mother made me participate in some kind of sport every school year. At first, I wasn’t too happy about this.

Shawn Wells

I was almost 60 years old, and I was overweight and out of shape. I was unhappy with myself, but I didn’t really believe that I could do anything that would make a difference. Keep going. Progress is progress no matter how slowly you are making it. Lesson #1: Get excited about the exercise you choose! One of my biggest obstacles to overcome when I made the decision to walk in my first half marathon was fear. I had opened my door to a new way of life, a new path… Every one of us has words we use to describe ourselves…

Stephanie Wogoman

I had no idea that this day would go down in history. It was the day I began taking back my life.

Crystal Weiss

I’ve always looked at running a marathon as an achievement…

Jenni Cragun

My big love for running began when I was going to school in Hawaii. The greatest benefit, however, came as I trained for the marathon. Making this goal forced me to be more consistent with running.
Be the best you
Stephanie transformed her life through running.  Set aside your fear and unleash your potential.   Take the first step by making a commitment to change.

Need more inspiration before you decide to run? 

Come volunteer at the Pacific Northwest Marathon. Help cheer on hundreds of runners improving their life through running.