Pacific Northwest Marathon: Eugene. May 13. 2017

 Race Results are here: Result Page

Why Should I Run the Pacific Northwest Marathon

The mission of the Pacific Northwest Marathon is to promote health and fitness through running. There is a fitness crisis in our country, and we care about changing that. Invite your friends to run with you and help us make a change.

Blog: Five Women Going the Distance

Stephanie Wogoman

I had no idea that this day would go down in history. It was the day I began taking back my life...

Shawn Wells

One of my biggest obstacles to overcome when I made the decision to walk in my first half marathon was fear. I was afraid of...

Jenni Cragun

My big love for running began when I was going to school in Hawaii...

Lizzy Hall

My mother made me participate in some kind of sport every school year. At first, I wasn’t too happy about this.

Crystal Weiss

I’ve always looked at running a marathon as an achievement...

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