You’ve Got To Do Whatever Works!!

This post is not about strengthening your core or about how to train. It isn’t about making a food plan or the benefits of recording what you eat. It isn’t about what kind of shoes, socks, or clothes to wear. It is just a funny story about something I do that helps me succeed.

Years ago my husband had weight loss surgery. It was the best thing he ever did for himself. He had tried every food program(diet) and nothing worked. After the surgery he lost 200 lbs. and because of the way they routed his digestive system he doesn’t absorb fat. Needless to say, he has to eat things that keep his cholesterol up. Soon after we were married I was put on medications for bipolar disorder which cause weight gain and hunger. You might say my husband and I switched places in the way we looked.

Last January I started walking and I joined Weight Watchers. I lost weight slowly but the hardest part for me was when 8:00 at night would roll around. We had both gotten into a habit of eating an evening snack every night. The snacks my husband bought for himself were things like Pretzel Crisps, Multigrain chips, Wheat Thins… get the drift. The snacks I bought for myself were apples, pears, clementines…..Guess which snacks I chose! You’re right!! I chose the chips and crackers. I knew the snacks I should be choosing but they didn’t look very appealing. Consequently, I started gaining back some of my weight. I had no problem eating a healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner, and daytime snacks, but it was like I switched that “healthy light” off at 8 pm.

My husband and I came up with a solution. There are two snacks he absolutely loves(John Macy Cheese Crisps and Boudin Sourdough Crisps). I think both of them taste like cardboard. I have never eaten cardboard but I can imagine what it might taste like. So, we ordered him 6 bags of the cheese crisps and he buys the sourdough crisps at Costco. One problem solved! Now what about my snacks. Here’s my solution:

Besides fruit, I added some other healthy snacks and one not so healthy snacks. One of the healthy snacks is small bags of natural almonds(no other ingredients) that come in a 31 bag pack. The unhealthy snack is Jelly Bellies. I buy them at Costco and package them in very small ziplock bags(20 to a bag). You would be surprised at how many bags you can fill. I know what you are going to ask–what will stop me from eating several bags at a time. This is where the funny part comes in. In our bedroom we have a safe with a combination lock. All of my bipolar medications are in there(for a very good reason). Only my husband knows the combination to that safe. So, I put all of my bags of snacks in that safe and when I want one of those snacks at night I have to ask my husband to get one. I know that may seem a little bit drastic to some people, but it works for me. Sometimes you’ve just got to do what you’ve got to do!!


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