Pushing Through

This week has been a week of challenges for me. Last week was great, I finished strong and energized! Then this week happened. I have had to push and pull for every little thing I have gotten done and I feel drained-BUT I felt that each thing I have gotten done has meant more because I’ve had to work so hard for it.
Case in point: this morning I got up and decided that maybe I could run……and maybe I could curl up in my fuzzy pj’s and watch old movies on t.v. while my two year old tore up the house (I was really leaning toward the second option).

Three things got me out the door. First I remembered why it is I care, who I want to become, where I hope to end up. Second last night my husband told me that whatever I needed him to do to help me get my run in he would do and gladly (this while working himself silly prepping for his annual hunting trip-huge sacrifice!!) and third I remembered that I enjoy running. Once I get going I really do enjoy it. So I stopped thinking and started doing. I got my running clothes on, tied my shoelaces while coaxing my two year old to get her shoes and coat and just pushed us both out the door. Then I pushed the stroller through the first mile and the next and the next and the next….I am happy to report that no one passed out on the side of the road and I finished what I started with all the vim and vigor I could muster.

I loved my very grueling run today! I was tired but I loved the joy of it. Sometimes we just have to fight harder and longer for certain things-that’s when that saying about “the journey, not the destination, is what defines us” really means something.
My husband leaves for hunting this weekend which means the next two weeks will have a whole new set of challenges for my running goals but this week has taught me to fight for it, that I’m up to the challenge and that success when faced with greater obstacles does yield sweeter rewards.


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