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Five Women, Going the Distance

Do You Need Some Inspiration?

Follow these women as they prepare for and run their first or their next big race.

Shawn Wells


I was almost 60 years old, and I was overweight and out of shape. I was unhappy with myself, but I didn’t really believe that I could do anything that would make a difference. Keep going. Progress is progress no matter how slowly you are making it. Lesson #1: Get excited about the exercise you choose! One of my biggest obstacles to overcome when I made the decision to walk in my first half marathon was fear. I had opened my door to a new way of life, a new path… Every one of us has words we use to describe ourselves…


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Stephanie Wogoman


I had no idea that this day would go down in history. It was the day I began taking back my life.


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Lizzy Hall


My mother made me participate in some kind of sport every school year. At first, I wasn’t too happy about this. “Work will win, when wishy washy wishing won’t”. You can’t just wish to be able to run 13 miles…


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Jenni Cragun


My big love for running began when I was going to school in Hawaii. The greatest benefit, however, came as I trained for the marathon. Making this goal forced me to be more consistent with running.


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Crystal Weiss


I’ve always looked at running a marathon as an achievement…


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