It’s Your Journey

Why Should I Run?

If you believe, you can achieve

Have you ever wondered if you could accomplish something difficult? Do you all remember Stephanie Wogoman? Two years ago, she could barely even walk because she was so heavy. She made a goal to complete a 5K every month for a year. Here is proof that belief is powerful beyond imagination…now she is preparing for our half marathon! Watch and see how far she has come.

Can I Do It?

Two-time Olympian Andrew Wheating has a goal. Schuyler Davis has a goal. If a goal is what you need, then set one and start your journey.
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Why Should I Run a Marathon?

What motivates people to run? A Passion, a friend, a life-long quest for health. Find your reason, and run the Pacific Northwest Marathon.

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Be the Best You

How Stephanie transformed herself and discovered that nothing is impossible. See her go from barely able to walk, to completing 12 races in 12 months. Read Stephanie’s Blog Posts


2023 Photos and results are in!

Race-day related updates will be posted here.