Jumping Back In

After four weeks of being sick and resting, I’ve finally jumped back into running. Certainly it’s been a challenge. Instead of continuing off from where I left at, I’m now back down to three miles a day. It’s been a bit discouraging getting tired so easily. I guess one good thing that’s come about from this, is that I haven’t felt any of my normal aches and pains that I mentioned earlier. Maybe it’s because of the break I took or maybe it’s because of the number of miles I was running earlier. I’m not sure. But, hopefully as I continue to run my body will get less tired and those pains won’t come back.
On the brighter side of things, I’ve found a new motivation to get out and run! A while back, I purchased a gym membership so that I could do some strength training or take a fitness class on the days that I didn’t run. Well, the gym  just reopened their location at the Gateway Mall and it has a pool along with a hot tub. Both of which have been nice to use after my runs especially with the sore muscles. So even though I haven’t been running in a bit, at least I have that to help keep me going.


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