David’s Story


I am passionate about running. I have been since I was small, being the fastest (or second fastest) runner in my class all through elementary and middle school. But somehow I lost the fire as a young adult.

It finally returned when I met my sweetheart, and she was a runner, too–but a distance runner. This was mysterious and intriguing to me. Running together was our first date, and it did not take long for me to realize that distance running was for me as much as sprinting ever had been in the past.

After running my first marathon here in Oregon in 2007, I became obsessed with the idea of attracting all my friends to the sport (whether or not they appreciated it). I was always inviting them to go out running with me. Sometimes I would plan a running group that would get together at the high school track so we could run with our kids, too. Once, we even put together 4 relay teams for the 4X400 meters at the OTC all comers meets.

Our children caught on. Running became a family pastime and tradition, with each of our four children training to run their first 10K at age six. I wanted to see more of my friends experience the same joy in their own families.

That is why, in the back of my mind I always knew I would organize a big race. I just could not get away from my drive to be fit and encourage fitness in others as well. Finally the time was right, and I took the leap.

Thanks to my talented group of business friends and running peers, I have all the support I need to make this a great race. It’s a team effort, and our inspiration comes from all of you who will run with us. Go team!


2023 Photos and results are in!

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