Win Hundreds of Dollars worth of Prizes!

January through March 2018

Help us promote health and fitness in your community.

We aim to have 200 new marathon or half marathon runners participate in our races this year. Will you be one of them? Help us achieve this goal by making a fitness resolution and sharing it. Wherever you live, whatever your interests and fitness level, you can change your life and help others along the way!

Prizes (Pending)

Grand Prize (one winner)
Second Prize
Third Prize
Fourth and Fifth Prize

*Family members of the judges are not eligible to win.

Share Your Story In 4 Simple Steps.

1. Make a Fitness Goal- Any goal that is meaningful to you.
2. Work to Achieve Your Goal- Your goal does not have to be finished during the contest period, but you should make progress toward it.
3. Write Your Story- Write about who you are, why you set your goal, what efforts you have made to achieve it, and how it has changed your life so far.
4. Share Your Story- In order for your story to make a difference in somebody’s life, you have to share it. Either post it on our facebook page as a comment in the “Share Your Story Contest” post, or send it to us by email:

Judges Choose the Winners

After reading all the fitness stories, our team of 5 judges* will choose their favorites and vote for the winners. We will contact you if you have won, and we will announce the winners on our website.