Divisions and Awards

Age Divisions

Men and Women Divisions for each age group
0 to 9
10 to 19
20 to 29
30 to 39
40 to 49
50 to 59
60 to 69
70 to 79
80 to 130

Age Division Prizes

For each division a 1st Place award is presented.

Course Record

Course Records will earn a special award.
Records are awarded for each age division and overall men and women.

Make sure to also take advantage of our Team Contest Prizes

First Prize–$700 donation to the charity of your choice
Second Prize–$250 donation
Third Prize–$100 donation
*Teams must accumulate at least 30 points for any prize.

The mission of the Pacific Northwest Marathon is to promote health and fitness. We believe anybody can and everybody should achieve worthy fitness goals. Distance running can help. That is why we focus on encouraging new runners to join our ranks and experienced runners to set goals for a personal best.
This year we have set our own goal to have 300 first-time marathon, half marathon, and 5K runners/walkers finish our races. Since we also believe in the power of team work, we are asking you to help us accomplish our goal, and your running team can win big prizes for bringing new and experienced runners.