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Of all the Oregon marathons, the Pacific Northwest Marathon is one of the flattest

This course is very flat in order to give beginners a good first time experience and to give Boston hopefuls a good chance at a personal best. We Start and finish at 420 feet above sea level and our highest point is only at 430 feet.

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marathon course

Marathon Course

Imagine yourself running this beautiful Oregon marathon…

…along wide, suburban parkways, between red and green maples, flowering cherries, and blooming forsythia. The gentle sun filters through the overhanging trees. You catch a glimpse of the McKenzie River, and the Willamette River Willamette River runs with you for several miles along paths of lush greenery. Then you remember why this Oregon marathon is the perfect place for you in the spring!

Course Amenities

-11 aid stations
-Trained course volunteers every quarter mile
-Memorable start and finish at Crescent Village, between 4 story, urban-style apartments
-Extra long 7 hour course time for slow runners/walkers
-Enjoy peace and quiet, running along two different rivers: McKenzie and Willamette
-Medical personnel on site
-1 medical station

Well Marked

Watch for chalk marks on the pavement, bright orange traffic cones, and 8.5X11 posters on wooden stakes to guide you. There will also be trained course marshals at every turn, and two Course Managers driving around watching for you. They have specific instructions to keep you safe and on track, which is our organization’s number one priority.
Pacific Northwest Marathon course photo
Pacific Northwest Marathon course photo
Pacific Northwest Marathon course photo