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Marathon Training

Saturday – September 21, 2019

Marathon Training

The Pacific Northwest Marathon cares about your success. That is why we offer to help you with your marathon training. We have two options, one for local participants, and one for those who live far away.

Remote Marathon Coaching

If you live outside the Eugene, Oregon area, please take advantage of our remote coaching opportunity. Because we care so deeply about your success, we are working together with to give you some help in your training during the most crucial times. Through this program, free of charge, you can access real coaches, with years of elite running experience. Included:

  • Initial phone call with a running coach several weeks before your race

  • During that call, your coach will help you determine your current physical state and what you should be attempting in your marathon training

  • 16-20 week marathon or half marathon training plan based on what your coach learns about you

  • Followup call with your marathon coach halfway through to get feedback on your training and suggestions to modify your next few weeks

  • Final training call in the last 3-4 weeks before your race

Pacific Northwest Marathon or Half Marathon participants, get remote training, FREE OF CHARGE for the first 25 participants who fill out the form and follow up information.

My Remote Coaches have helped many people reach their goals. Please let us help you reach your goals!

Local Marathon Training Group

If you live in or near Eugene, Oregon, please join us for our marathon training group. This group is primarily focused on helping first time marathon and half marathon runners as well as first time 5K runners, but we will welcome all who wish to join us. The more, the merrier!

The group will start at the end of May after week 4 of your 20 week program. Check our blog for the general training plan. We will be led by various experienced runners and have access to running coaches from time to time. If you are training for a half marathon or a 5K, please join us when you are ready. Everybody is at a different place in their training, so we are very flexible. We will work to meet your needs, whatever they may be.

Training group schedules will be posted on our Facebook page and website as they are developed. Next Training Group meeting is with Samuel Ongaki of South Africa, 3rd place in the world 50K championship in Qatar.

Join us on Wednesdays at Cal Young Middle School Track, 6:30 pm.

To sign up for free remote coaching through the Pacific Northwest Marathon, first register for your race. Then fill out a form here to be contacted by your coach.

Click here for a map to the training group meeting site. To get on our email list, fill out a form here.

Remote Training Sign-up Form*

*Information submitted via this form is sent to My Remote Coach.   Their Privacy Policy is accessible by clicking here.

Local Training Group Sign-up Form

Information submitted via this form is subject to our Privacy Policy.

Both the local training group and the remote coaching are offered free of charge to registered participants of the Pacific Northwest Marathon, Half Marathon, and 5K. Remote Coaching is available for the first 50 non-local participants who sign up for it through our page. For more information, please watch this page for updates or contact us.