Week 6 Training

20 Week Schedule


Our Long Run For the Week
Week six of our marathon training schedule says to run 9 miles. Some of our group is training for their first marathon. Others are training for their first half marathon. A few are aiming for a Boston Marathon qualifying time, while others are coming to encourage and enjoy running with us.

Increase Your miles Gradually: No More than 10% Weekly Increase
There was a question during our 9 mile run whether or not we should try to go farther since we were feeling strong and had time for it. We did not go farther. When somebody is training for their first marathon or half, we strongly recommend they stick to their training program so they avoid increasing their miles too quickly. If you do have to adjust your training, be careful not to overdo it just because you feel confident. You can not always know everything that is happening inside your body, so it is usually best to give it plenty of slow, gradual build up.

Kristi LeBlanc, PTA and message therapist at Therapeutic Associates, spoke at our Fitness Gala on January 29th. She is experienced in helping runners avoid and recover from injury due to overuse. She spoke about the importance of only increasing the distance of your long run by 10% each week. This will dramatically reduce your risk of injury during training.

The good news is, we still have 14 weeks until race day. If we increase the distance of our long run by 10% each week, we will reach 34 miles in 14 weeks. That means we only have to increase by about 8% weekly to reach 26.2 miles by race day. It also means that if you are not quite to 9 miles yet, you have a little more time to get there. If you want help, join us, and we will show you how. If you are at 9 miles this week, our schedule says to take a step back next week in distance. (check the schedule to see)

When we meet together next Saturday, we will train intervals again as we did in week four to help boost our VO2 max.

Running With the Calvary Running Team
If you join us, you are sure to meet more of our good friends. These folks adjusted their training plans to meet at Pre’s Trail each Saturday so they can meet up with our group part way.