Week 2 Training

A few of our runners who would have been with us were instead running the Eugene Holiday Hustle 5K or 10K. Congratulations to all of you who completed that race. Here is what we did at the marathon training group.

Recap of Discussion and Training

Warm up and Dynamic Stretching
Three Mile Run
We followed up with everybody to find out if they had run/walked 3 miles 3 times in the past week. There were a few who had not yet accomplished that goal, so we renewed our efforts for this coming week.
The Importance of Following the FIT Acronym
FIT is an acronym that tells us three important factors for improving fitness or getting stronger in any way.
• “F” stands for frequency. If we only perform an exercise once in a while, our body will not adapt to the increased muscle tension or cardio-vascular stress. It is important we run at least twice more during the coming week, and then we will probably notice it getting easier as the weeks go by.
• “I” stands for intensity. In order for our workouts to produce the reactions we want in our body, we have to push ourselves. We should go just a little faster than we are comfortable for the distance we plan to complete. As we continue with our training program, we will include some sprinting, and interval training as well.
• “T” stands for time. Most people understand that they have to sustain their exercise for at least 30-45 minutes at a time in order to see gains. In the coming months, we will do some workouts that last 2 hours or more, but for now, an hour is enough.

Join us next week on Saturday, December 26th, 7:00am at Sheldon High School track. We will complete a 4 mile run on the track. The following week, January 2, we will hit the road, mapping a 5 mile, out and back route through the Gilham neighborhoods.