Aid Station Information

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Race Day Oct 15th

  • 6:30am Arrive at Crescent Village and Report to the Race Director or Aid Stations Leader. Get your safety vest and make sure you have contact numbers.
  • 6:40am Travel to the appointed aid station and wear safety vest
  • 7:00am until shift end, be alert and actively assist runners
  • when the cleanup crew passes you in the U-Haul trucks, your shift is over.


Complete Online Training before Oct 12, 2018

Attend one training meeting, location to be determined.


Aid stations are tables set up along the course with water and Gatorade. Some stations also have food and honey stinger energy gels. As an aid station volunteer, you are key in helping our participants have a good time and reach their goals. Remember that a smile is just as refreshing as a glass of water, and a kind word will echo in their ears for many miles if not years to come.

Show up at your station by the time listed on your schedule. Stay close enough to your station to see when runners are coming and when you are running low on supplies. Fill cups in advance of runners arriving. Don’t fill so many that they are left sitting out for more than 30 minutes, as they might get warm. If you try to leave empty cups on the table, they will blow away in the wind.

Aid stations 1 and 2
Fill about 50-60 cups at a time, distributed between water, Gatorade, and V8.
Aid stations 3 through 6
Fill about 30-40 cups at a time, distributed between water, Gatorade, and V8.
Aid stations 7 through 11
Fill about 15-20 cups at a time, distributed between water, Gatorade, and V8.

Only fill cups 2-4 oz (quarter to half full). Some participants will only drink 1 oz, and many will carry their own fluid, so you don’t need to overdue it. They can grab more if they want.

Stand at the far end of the table, out of the way, so runners do not stop in front of the table. Don’t block runner traffic or put yourself in danger. Smile and offer water and/V8 or Gatorade, holding it out by hand as the runners pass: “May I offer water or V8(Gatorade)? Good work! Looking strong!”

Each table will have 2 garbage boxes. One of them will be kept 10 meters past the table, and the other one will be kept 50-60 meters past the table. If the boxes are in place, the runners are likely to drop their cups in one of the boxes, leaving minimal clean up.

If a participant is having trouble, ask “may I help you?” You are there to make them feel that they are cared for, not to administer first aid. Give them a seat out of the way if they need it. For minor injuries, call the Course Manger or aid Stations Leader for assistance. Minor injuries include:
Torn muscles, tendons, or ligaments
Minor dehydration
The Course Manager is trained and certified in First Aid and CPR. There is also a medical tent at the start/finish line, and participants with minor injuries will be transported there by the Course Manager.

If there is a medical emergency, call 911 immediately. Do not wait for the course manager or aid stations leader.

When you see the Clean Up Crew coming, your shift is over. Feel free to help them clean up if you like. Then you can proceed to the finish line to watch and to collect your thank you gift. Thank you so much for your service! You will be very important to the success of our race participants.

Aid Stations Leader: Isaiah Patton


Quiz coming soon

Aid Station Areas

Set Up Window Volunteers Present Runners Present Location Suplies
1.  5:00-5:20* 6:50-12:30 7:10-12:30

(walkers 6:30)

Johnston’s Farm mile 2 1 table, water, Gatorade
2.  5:00-5:20* 6:50-12:15 7:10-12:15

(walkers 6:30)

Armitage Park Rd ml 3.1, 5K start bathroom, 2 tables, water, Gatorade (shade)
3.  5:00-5:20* 7:05-12:10 7:20-12:10 Camp Harlow Driveway mile 3.8 Bathroom, 1 table, water, Gatorade, V8, gels, bananas,
4.  5:20-5:40* 7:05-12:00 7:25-12:00 Downing and Wester at NE corner mile 4.7 bathroom, 1 table, water, Gatorade, V8, gels, bananas
5.  7:00-7:25+ ????? Walton Ln in front of neighbor’s house water
6.  5:20-5:40* 7:15-11:20 7:35-11:20 Half marathon turn around at Meadowview and Sand Trap mile
bathroom, 2 tables on sidewalk, water, Gatorade, V8, gels,
bananas, first aid
7.  5:20-5:40* 7:15-11:05 7:40-11:05 River path just after Delta Hwy mile 7.5 1 table, water, Gatorade
8.  5:40-6:45^ 7:15-10:50 7:45-10:50 River path at Owosso foot bridge mile 8.5 bathroom, 1 table, water, Gatorade, V8, gels, bananas
9.  5:40-6:45^ 7:20-10:30 8:00-10:30 River path at sharp turn north of connector path going to
foot bridge over Delta on bridge over delta pond (just north of Valley River
Center) mile 10
bathroom, 1 table, water, Gatorade
10.  5:40-6:45^ 7:20-10:00 8:10-10:00 River path at Alton Baker Park where path divides just
south of Defazio foot bridge and after crossing millrace mile 12
bathroom, 1 table, water, Gatorade, V8, gels, bananas
(part shade)
11. 5:40-6:45^ 7:20-9:50 8:05-9:50 Turn around at Day Island Rd. 13.1 miles 1 table (shade)


Each station will be taken down just after the final
runners/walkers pass by and the Clean Up Crew comes with the truck.


*Set up by Tom or David,  ^Set up by Chuck or Isaiah,  +Set
up by neighbors

Aid Stations Leader: Isaiah Patton